Additional air services

If you need to get your consignment or the consignment of your customer to its destination at a precisely defined time, or if a conventional logistical solution is futile, we have a team of our own on-board couriers holding visas of numerous countries around the world readily prepared to transport your consignment to its destination as their own baggage on board of the first available commercial flight. A notable advantage of this product is that passengers’ baggage always has priority over express or general air cargo.

If there are no available commercial flights, or if the consignment exceeds maximum weight limits for baggage specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), we will draw up a solution offering a dedicated aircraft - air charter that fits the size, weight and urgency of delivery of your consignment to its destination. 

If you need a budget-conscious air transport solution, we offer an export air cargo service package covering pickup and delivery of cargo of various weights, sizes and irregular shapes from collection location to destination airport, or we can arrange for you the services of express air-freight networks which are recommended for door-to-door delivery of small packages.

Our product portfolio will suit you and your business needs at all times

Air charter

Air charter is our express air transport product designed to match your consignment parameters (size, weight, floor load, transport distance) to the optimum aircraft selected exclusively for you.  The possibility to use airports nearest to the place of dispatch and the place of destination (i.e. additionally to large commercial airports) is a distinct advantage. In Slovakia the following airports are available: Bratislava (BTS), Kosice (KSC), Piestany (PZY), Zilina (ILZ), Sliac (SLD) and Poprad (TAT).

We specialize in the use of small and midsize aircrafts covering European territory. The service provided by us is door-to-door, on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our air charter solution includes:

  • quotation
  • guidance in selecting the optimum aircraft
  • collection of consignment from sender
  • review of carriage documents
  • completion of air waybill in compliance with IATA regulations
  • handling services at the airports of dispatch and destination
  • security check of consignment prior to take off
  • consignment delivery
  • real-time tracking of the transport process.

General air cargo


General air cargo is an economic transport alternative especially for larger and heavier consignments and for consignments of non-standard shapes. Packages are transported in the cargo space of aircrafts, be it passenger or freight aircrafts, and usually delivered to the destination airport anywhere around the world within a few days. We cooperate with almost all airlines that operate out of Prague (PRG), Budapest (BUD), Bratislava (BTS), Vienna (VIE) and Kosice (KSC) airports to the benefit of our customers who always enjoy competitively priced general air cargo (GCR) solutions.

 Our EXPORT support services include:

  • quotation
  • search of free airline capacities
  • collection of consignment from sender
  • review of carriage documents
  • completion of export customs declaration
  • completion of air waybill in compliance with IATA regulations
  • labelling consignments as air freight
  • airline booking
  • payment of all fees and duties related to handling and security controls.

 Our IMPORT support services include:

  • quotation
  • customs clearance of consignment and release for free circulation
  • consignment pickup at location of handling agent
  • consignment delivery to final recipient.

Air courier networks

We render services of express air-freight networks in cooperation with selected courier companies. This product is designed for door-to-door delivery of documents or small goods consignments to more than 220 countries worldwide.

Our air-freight network solution includes:

  • quotation
  • collection of consignment
  • completion of air waybill
  • completion of export customs declaration
  • all communication flows with courier company in the local language
  • consignment delivery.

 Should the standard courier no longer be servicing the collection location on a given day we manage a special pickup and delivery of consignment directly to the export hub to ensure the consignment is airborne on the same day.

 Carriage is governed by the carriage terms and conditions of the courier company.

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