Error rates of passenger baggage handling in air transport

According to official statistics 3.5 billion passengers were transported by air in 2015. For that a total of 23.1 million pieces of baggage were reprted as mishandled, i.e. delayed, damaged or lost, which results in a rate of 6.53 mishandled pieces per 1000 passengers.

That explains and rightly so why airports as well as airlines have recently invested considerable funds and a lot of effort in initiatives to reduce error rates in baggage handling. They aim for higher customer satisfaction and, admittedly, it serves their own interest, too. After all these measures mean significant savings in costs that airlines would otherwise bear being liable for the delivery of delayed and mishandled baggage and for the compensation of baggage damage or loss claims.

Year 2007 stands out in this respect with a record number of 46.9 million pieces of mishandled baggage whereby the total number of passengers reached 2.48 billion. This was truly an alarming result of approx. 18.9 mishandled pieces of baggage per 1000 passengers. And airlines are keen to refer to it in their statistics on error rates in baggage handling because when comparing their current data with the 2007 results they can easily outperform.

In any case, impressive progress, to say the least, has been made in this area. Relative to 2014 airlines globally managed to push down the number of mishandled pieces of baggage to 10.5% in an industry experiencing an almost 7% increase in passenger traffic.  This achievement demonstrates the effectiveness of measures implemented by airlines in this area. Undoubtedly have been of great benefit to passengers aboard commercial flights as well as the aviation industry as such. Last but not least this is wonderful news also for our company that provides the on-board courier service.

Delivering your consignment to its destination on time and undamaged is our top priority. To this end our company regularly monitors and reviews airlines statistics on mishandled baggage as well as the reliability and timeliness of departures at individual airports. These results are taken into consideration when drawing up transport solutions for our on-board courier service in order to ensure that potential risks associated with the air transport of your consignment as check baggage are minimised.

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