Additional road services

In almost any business, the carriage of goods plays an important role. No matter what you are looking for - swift transport of goods to manufacturing lines or cost efficient deliveries to your wholesale warehouses or retail shops - our services will match the needs of any client. It is up to you to pick and choose from our portfolio the service that best suits your current needs.

Full truck load FTL

If your goods take up the entire cargo space of a car, be it in terms of weight or volume, this is the type of transport we recommend. For you, it means achieving the ideal cost-to-vehicle utilization ratio and optimum unit costs. We have various categories of vehicles, from passenger cars through to articulated vehicles, so you don't have to worry about any weight or size limits. Your goods are transported directly to the consignee therefore the time of delivery is limited by nothing more nor less than applicable laws and the traffic situation. We will inform you of the expected delivery time and the cost of transport before hitting the road. Your goods are constantly monitored while in transport and you will receive updated information on all movements.

Less than full truck load LTL

If the price of transport matters more to you than the time of delivery, the following option may be just right for you. The goods of several customers are transported on one vehicle, whereby individual customers pay their individual transport shares. The time of delivery depends on the time when we have a full load for the vehicle, which for transports within the EU usually takes 3 to 7 days. There is no reloading of goods to minimize the risk of damage. We will inform you of the expected delivery time and the cost of transport before hitting the road.

Transport of dangerous goods ADR

Our portfolio of services includes arranging the carriage of dangerous goods. The transport of dangerous goods must comply with the European agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous goods by Road (ADR). Dangerous goods under ADR are those substances and articles that due to their properties (poisonous, inflammable, explosive, self-igniting, infectious, radioactive or other dangerous properties) may endanger the safety of persons, property or environment when transported.

Even the tiniest detail requires due care when transporting dangerous goods. We make sure that all legal requirements are met in transport, from packaging the goods, to labelling, marking of vehicles, construction and equipment of the vehicles, through training of drivers, selecting the transport route, correctness of transport documentation, up to the method of stock loading. All that and much more matters when your dangerous goods are to arrive safely at their destination. Apart from ADR transport we focus on exemptions based on the quantity of dangerous goods transported, such as below limit quantities, limited quantities (LQ) and excepted quantities (EQ).

One of our team members holds a certificate of attendance in the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor training and is readily prepared to help you.  If you are interested in ADR transport, please fill in the information sheet capturing the basic data that we need to prepare a quote

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